We organized a workshop for making a “the fish arch” with six grade students from Kesennuma elementary school at Kessennuma port festival in summer 2011. We collected contributions in order to purchase Kessennuma’s local timber, the principal products of this district. A piece of Kessennuma’s local timber is cut in the form of “Shark””Saury pike” ”Bonito”, typical fish landing at port. These fish panels have the specific shapes so that without using any glue or nails, this structure can be built. This arch is designed light-weight for children to assemble entire structure. And each fish panel has the directly written message from the student of Keio University. Although the arch of fish has been exhibited only 2days, we gave every fish panels, which has the message from Tokyo, to the local children. Even after this arch disappeared, we hope that the piece of fish panels and the memory of the summer festival will remain in them.


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