Now that you have a better understanding of what UX Design is, let's talk about how to apply it to position your site better on Google, as user experience is one of the benchmarks for organic ranking. There is no doubt that URL shortener is an extremely useful tool in the digital age. However, just like any other, there are pros and cons that should be taken into consideration when defining your strategy. Check out:

Beware of scripts We know it's very attractive to integrate a variety of plugins and analytics tools into your e-commerce to collect metrics. Benefits More attractive links : A short, simple and clean link is much more attractive and therefore results in more clicks. Result analysis: The url shortener makes it possible to track all traffic it generates, such as number of clicks and user locations. This factor is of paramount importance in analyzing results and making strategic decisions. Personalization: Much more than making them short, URL shorteners let you customize links as you like, making them more loyal to your content and brand.

However, too many scripts on one page can turn into annoying pop-ups that take up the entire screen - and still affect page loading speeds.

If Google realizes that many users leave your page for these reasons, you could even be punished and lose many ranking positions.

So be careful! Prefer a banner at the top of the page. Choose more complete and integrated plugins instead of several with a single feature.

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