What is the profile name of the job who installs different types of the operating system??

Installation or setup is the act of preparing the system or program for execution. System configuration is a term in systems engineering that characterizes the computer hardware, the procedures as well as the different devices that contain the whole system and its boundaries.

Who installs different types of the operating system??

Technical Support Engineer ( https://www.fieldengineer.com/skills/what-is-a-technical-support-engineer) is responsible for configuring operating systems, resolving network issues and utilizing remote desktop connections with providing immediate support. Technical support engineer position incorporates the duties like Help select, install, configure, test and maintain operating systems, application software and system management tools. He also takes part in the design of information and operational support systems.

A System Engineer does installations and configuration of operating systems and other software and routinely test installed software for glitch discovery and different issues. He gives technical direction to IT, support staff.

Computer Network and Systems Engineers as a part of their job responsibilities, they perform - planning, development, deployment, testing and optimizing the network, system administration services, and configuration management.

Embedded engineers work to a great extent with hardware, and regularly need to develop or configure a custom operating system unique to the hardware and memory map of the device.

IT Network and Systems Engineer's task is to Install, configure, support, and maintain hardware and operating system solutions.

Help Desk technical support can see which version of the client's operating system is installed, applicable patches can be sent immediately.

You can easily hire freelance Operating Systems Installation engineers online for your business needs. For example, Field Engineer Talented engineer’s network provides remote and freelance certified professionals globally for your business requirements.

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